High Pure

Stramek Filtration High Pure Filter Cartridge

Cartridge specifically designed for water treatment.

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Super Pure

Stramek Filtration Super Pure Filter Cartridge

For various applications: water treatment and general chemical industry.

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Super Micron

Stramek Filtration Super Micron Filter Cartridge

Absolute filtration cartridge for a high quality filtration.

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Alpha Pure

Stramek Filtration Alpha Pure Filter Cartridge

Specifically designed for the filtration of paints and viscous products.

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Stramek Filtration Poly-Ray Filter Cartridge

Polypropylene pleated cartridge for prefiltration or filtration of multiples fluids.

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Stramek Filtration Poly-Viscosity Filter Cartridge

Pleated cartridge for the filtration of viscous or high solid contents products.

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Stramek Filtration Poly-Viscosity Filter Cartridge

Cartridge for high flow with various filtration option depending on application.

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Stramek Filtration MaxFlow Filter Cartridge

High efficiency and flow capacity cartridge, for replacing filtration bags.

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