Component Seals

Stationary Parts

Stramek Stationary Seals

Wide variety of stationary units, according to DIN standards, regular or special sizes. Different designs to suit your equipment needs.

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Conical Spring Seals

Stramek Conical Spring Seal

Mechanical conical spring seals with dependent rotating direction and sealing by O-ring. Commonly used in a wide variety of pumps.

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Elastomer Bellow

Stramek Elastomer Bellow

Compact design seal ideal for use in centrifugal pumps for sewage and drinking water treatment, chemical industry and general industry.

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Parallel Spring Seals

 Stramek Parallel Spring

Seal with bidirectional rotating direction. Shaft sealing by rubber bellows on the rotating part. Vastly used in general industry.

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Multiple Spring

Stramek Multiple Spring

Mechanical multiple spring seal with bidirectional rotation direction. Commonly used in the chemical industry and hydrocarbon process.

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Wave Spring

Stramek Wave Spring

Mechanical seal for general processes with short tripping distance. Ideal for the food industry, as well as chemical and petrochemical industry.

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PTFE Seals

Stramek PTFE Seals

PTFE seal for external assembly, ideal for corrosive applications where we must avoid the contact of the fluid with metallic parts.

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Water Pump Seals

 Stramek Water Pump Seals

Extensive range of seals for water pumps. The main applications are water treatment, swimming pools, spas and small pumping equipment.

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